TRIGLAV Walkthroughs of 1F – 5F

Please note that this site will not provide you a “complete” walkthrough of TRIGLAV (smartphone app).


No noteworthy tricks or traps in this floor, just walk along the way and defeat enemies.

First of all, get used to moving characters and attacking enemies by tapping or dragging.


Humanoid monster with no long range attacks. You will not be defeated unless surrounded by lots of enemies.


Fireballs are emitted from the wall, but it can be avoided easily. You don’t have to be so sensitive, since you won’t receive much damage from it.

Floor switch which lights up by stepping on appears first in this floor.

Floor switch
Image of the floor switch

This one puts a bridge to move on to the next floor.


Long range random attack by boomerang-like wave.


The first quest is in this floor. Tap the exclamation mark “!”, and you’ll know what he or she is looking for.

This time you’ll find it in the treasure box, not so far from him.

Bring it to him, and you’ll get a reward.

ITEM:Goblin Ale

Item needed for the quest in this floor. You can use it as a healing item.
(Watch out since the item will be used, just by tapping once! If you want to check the detail of the item, press and hold on the item.)


Throws the bomb from middle range. If you want to recover life, you’ll need to keep some distance.

Do not panic, since you can avoid bombs by walking.


Gears moving along the rail appears from this floor. You will be considerably damaged if you are kept hit, so try not to approach as close as possible. Be careful, it may suddenly change its way at the branch point.

There is a wall that you can break by attacking near the stairs to the 5th floor.


You’ll meet this slime on the 3rd floor. Approach after it spits out three blobs.


Junction floor. You’ll be able to go between 1F and 5F by the warp pad.

Similar warp pads will appear on every five floors.

Warp pad
Step on the pad, and warp to the number of the floor.

There is a man selling puppets. You can sell some items you got in the tower. Touch and hold on the item, and you’ll be able to sell it.

You can trade items with people with this icon.

Also, there is a monkey who claims for banana. They appear in many places. If you find a banana, just give it to them, and they’ll give you an item in return.

Gives us many kinds of items. Why do they have such various items?


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