TRIGLAV Walkthroughs 16F – 20F

Please note that this site will not provide you a “complete” walkthrough of TRIGLAV (smartphone app).


Place three of the scarabs to each scarabs drawn on the floor, and you’ll get an item.

The poster on the north side of the floor represents the floor that you can get each of the colored scarabs.

ITEM:Mixed Scarab Oil

The item you can get by collecting three scarabs. It’ll be needed to go to the underworld via 10F.


Three STINGERS appear. The way of attacking is similar to “SCARAB CHARGER”, which appears in the same floor. Beat all of them, and you can get a key.


Come up to this floor, and you’ll find a poster with an illustration of this floor.

There are nine islands with a switch lever on each of them. If you switch the lever, the color of bridge linked to the island changes. (from red to blue, blue to red)
Just moving on to the next floor will be easy.

The meaning of the poster is, “If the bridges are all blue, (that is, if the islands are all isolated,) you can get the item in the treasure box.”

Perhaps patterns may differ depending on players, but I’ll show a pattern I solved in the game.
Initial pattern

The initial pattern is shown above, and the order in which switches were pushed is shown below.
Order switches were pushed

I hope this would be helpful.

No bosses or particular items in this floor.


You have to be a bit careful in this floor.

You’ll find a path with several floor tile patterns. There is a poster right beside it, which indicates the tile you can pass through safely. If you step on the other tiles, you may be damaged considerably.
However, one of them is a secret warp pad.

There is an OGRE near the treasure box with a key.

ITEM:Head of Ogre

Warp from the secret pad. Use it and get some golds and XPs.


This floor’s walkthrough is linked as the table shown below.

18Get the 18F key and use it to go to 19F
19Beat RANANCULA and get the 19F key
19Switch the lever in the same floor and invalidate the pitfall
18Go to 19F from the other stairs (which you don't need the key)
19Use 19F key to go to 20F

Fall into the pit, and you’ll go straight back to 1F. Switch the lever to invalidate it.

There is four boost up items in this floor, which you can choose only one of it. Similar situations will occur several times after this.

It’s up to you which item you choose. I prefer choosing “Hydrobrew” so as to stabilize your battle.

ITEM:Dee’s Ear

Item dropped by DEE. Exchange it in 10F.


The monster is like a caterpillar, and each section has vitality. The closer to the face, the better the recovery of the vitality. Attack from the tail, and eventually the recovering ability of the face disappears.


Fall from 20F to meet him. Since it will be a one-on-one battle, you will not be defeated if you are well prepared.


Junction floor. You can see the crescent moon.

Nothing but monkey claiming for banana. Let’s just go to the next floor.

Additional Notes (2018/9)
A man added by update, who gives us Greater Potion (Vitality +200) in exchange for three Potions



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