Scaraboid – 2nd Stage

Scaraboid 2nd Stage


Various creatures are hatching from eggs scattered around. Defeat two bosses, Scavenger and Bumble Scarab, and the 2nd stage is cleared.

Creatures hatching from eggs are as follows:

  • Bomberdier
  • Spiked Scarab
  • Spiked Scarab Charger
  • Needler
  • BOSS: Scavenger
  • BOSS: Bumble Scarab

These eggs have vitality and decreases gradually. They will eventually hatch even if you don’t attack them.


You may as well handle the 2 bosses in this stage, since you’ve already beaten 4 Kwaiseis.

But other creatures in this stage may be more troublesome, since many of them have damage reflection abilities.

If you are relying on vitality absorption, it may not be as effective as usual. Moreover, damage reflection may exceed vitality absorption, that is, your vitality decreases as you attack those creatures, resulting in a tough battle.

Be aware of the Needler

Needler may be the most phenomenal creature in this stage.

They possess high damage reflection as well as high vitality absorption ability, making them appear unbeatable.

But their vitality decrease steadily by time. So it’s better to wait for their self-destruction.

Just be careful not to attack, and not to be attacked.


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