About Scaraboid

What is Scaraboid?


The Skalabes, also known as intruders of strange form, were sealed in the secret rooms of the tower by the hands of six great sorcerers in ancient times. Each of them is a formidable foe, armed with formidable power and techniques. Some of the Skalabes’ minions who escaped the seal used the player’s power to resurrect the ward, breaking the ancient powerful seal. The Skalabes are keeping an eye out for an opportunity to resurrect their powerful boss within this tower.

Scaraboid is…

A special area with the highest difficulty level, where a powerful boss awaits.
You can enter through the door on the 27th floor’s upper right part.
“Push Button” is required to enter.

Also, “Scarab Talisman” is needed to progress in this area.
At least 6 of them are required to clear all stages. You’d better collect them in advance.

How can I get Scarab Talisman?(Or Mystic Shards?)

  • Occasionally found in boundary stages
  • Daily Events, such as beating Seirei or Underground Creatures (and some other events!)
  • Exchanging bananas with monkeys in 50F or boundary
  • Mimics rarely drop Mystic Shards

How to proceed

When you break the “seal” in the area, various powerful enemies will appear. Stage cleared by defeating those enemies.

Break one seal per one Talisman

“Scarab Talisman” is needed for the challenge. You can unlock one seal per Talisman.

To break the seal, approach the suspicious object with the Talisman possessed.
The “Scarab Talisman” is consumed and at the same time, challenge begins.
When cleared, the next seal will appear. Follow the same procedure to unlock seals further ahead.

The final boss “Scarab Queen” will appear from the 6th seal. Scaraboid is completed by defeating her, and after that, you will be going to restart from the first seal again.


  • Game saved when you use the Talisman
  • Even if you pause and finish the game during the challenge, Talisman you used won’t come back.

  • Be careful when possessing multiple Talismans
  • If you are standing near the next seal when previous stage is cleared, the next stage may start immediately.
    Keep away from the seal in such circumstances.

Resetting Progression

If you give “Sacred Fire” and “Mystic Shard” to the Ogre Mage in 27F, you can reset the progression of Scaraboid. “Sacred Fire” can be bought from the ogre merchant next to him.

This may be used when you are looking for “Hyperons”, which is dropped from Kwaisei appearing in the 1st stage of Scaraboid.


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