TRIGLAV Walkthroughs 21F – 25F

Please note that this site will not provide you a “complete” walkthrough of TRIGLAV (smartphone app).


The point of this floor is to notice that the first and the second big rooms are symmetrical.

And if you could find a red glowing pillar in the first room, then this floor should be easy. Check the same pillar in the second room, and you will find the key.

No boss appears in this floor.


The ORC MAGE in this floor attacks with the green fog, which damages one place continuously. If you are covered with the fog, you’d better get out of the fog area quickly.

There is a “GOBLIN’S DAUGHTER” in the jail (northern part of the map). Switch the lever to save her, guide her to the goblin (in the southern part of the map), and you will receive an item.


If you beat this enemy, it’ll divide into two (for only once) and the battle continues. Be careful since its attacking power is rather high. You can get a key after the battle.


I don’t know precisely when this enemy appears, but he appears after conquering the upper floor. The wanted in 10F.


This floor is one of the most malicious floor in this game.

Get the key from PRISON GUARD (sleeping), and let’s just go to the next floor.

If you use the warp pad beyond the guard, you’ll be transferred to an arena with full of powerful enemies. You can get out of the room by switching four levers in each corner of the room, but even just doing this may be very difficult if you are not prepared with recovering items.

You may try challenging when you can fight equally against “FATMAN”, who appears in 32F ~ 33F, but no reward will be given for surviving this area.


Pretty difficult floor because there is a lot of enemies, many of them attacking with lightnings and vapors from the distance.

After defeating the boss, use the warp pad and go downstairs to 22F. There will be an “Elixir” on 23F along the way. Warp pad in 23F leads to the arena (mentioned above), so just ignore.

In 22F, there is a man selling “Switch Lever”. Buy two levers, one for this room, and another one for 24F.

Go back to 24F, place the switch lever, and the way to 25F will be opened.

By the way, the “Push Button” tile appears for the first time in this floor.
Maybe you don’t have one at this moment. Enemies sometimes drop this item, so if you get it, come back to this floor again (if you remember).

Push Button
A bridge appears by Push Button in this floor.


Two dragoons appear when you take the key. Defeat the dragon, and then you’ll have to fight with the knight (who was riding on the dragon).

Dragoons move fast but their attack power is low. On the other hand, knights move slowly but they have high attack powers. Dragoons also have long range attacks, so it would be easier to recover your vitality if you can kill the dragon as soon as possible.


Again there is a monkey, and a man claiming for three items (Bone Armor etc.)

All three items are rare, so you don’t have to worry about this.


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