TRIGLAV Walkthroughs 26F – 30F

Please note that this site will not provide you a “complete” walkthrough of TRIGLAV (smartphone app).


This floor is characteristic. Quickness is needed to go through.

You get the key in the treasure box, switch the lever, and just run to the 27F stairs!

Bridges will appear after switching the lever, but it can be in use only for 60 seconds. If you fail to reach the goal, again you’ll have to go to the 23F arena.

Ignore all items and enemies along the way. In order to go straight to the goal, take a path that there is always a wall on the left hand side of the moving direction.

Once you have reached the goal, the bridges will remain. Now you can hunt for treasure boxes on the floor.


Floor full of OGRES. Make sure your defense is good enough.

One of them is the “OGRE LORD”, who has the key.

ITEM: Goblin’s Hidden Gold

Hidden in the one of the pillars in this floor. Hint is written in “Scroll of the Goblin Treasure” in 22F.


Floor mainly composed of bridges, similar to 9F.

No particular traps in this floor, but INFERNO continuously comes to attack you. You have to secure the time to recover vitality, or it will be a tough battle.


Appears from the lump of fire, and self-destructs when it comes near the main character. It’s almost impossible to beat it before self-destructing, but there is a bit of a moment when its movement stops before destruction. Using this, you can avoid the damage if you have high walk speed.


He has the key but his moving speed is fast, and cannot reach him easily.


Switch the lever, and treasure boxes with number panel contained will appear. If you step on the empty circle with a number panel, that number will be placed on the circle.

If you are good at puzzle games, you may easily come up with a solution. What you have to do here is to place each numbers so as the sum of each (horizontal, vertical, and diagonal) lines’ numbers will be all the same.

Place the numbers correctly, and the boss will appear.

ITEM: Demon Eyes

Get this item from the boss’s treasure box. Set this to the statue of the devil in the same floor, and you’ll be able to warp to the “Grasslands”.


Attacks while continuously warping, but you can avoid much of it just by moving around randomly.

He stops moving for a moment after about six times of warping. Attack at this moment.


Elven camp. Many traders and junctions to other floors are in the small-sized floor.
Very convenient floor, so I always save & start the game here.


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