TRIGLAV Walkthroughs 36F – 40F

Please note that this site will not provide you a “complete” walkthrough of TRIGLAV (smartphone app).


Enemies are stronger than in 32F ~ 34F. Watch out for “MISTRESS” since she has high attack power and walk speed.

This floor shall be walkthroughed as follows.

FloorWhat to do
31-->36Break the crystal
33, 35, 37, 38
31-->36Defeat "THE TYRANT"

Attract “THE TYRANT” to the room with the stairs, and break the crystal in the meantime.


He cannot move before the crystal is broken down. Once the crystal is broken, long range attack by light balls will start.

Most space in 36F is in “THE JESTER”‘s attack range, so it will be bothering when you are fighting with floor enemies.

You need to take the key that “JESTER” drops. Otherwise, he will keep appearing.


Defeat “THE JESTER” first, or he’ll keep on recovering vitality.

He has long range attacks as well as short range attacks (as “MAD THE SWINE” did). But there are no enemies around and the room is large enough, so you’ll have time to recover during the battle.


High defense power as well as recovering ability. Attacks two places with acids, each of them with continuous damages. It’ll be a tough battle, compared with the slimeness battles in the lower floors.

This enemy appears randomly in many floors. I’ve encountered so far in 36F, 37F, 39F (and also in nightdreamer).


Break the red egg, and the treasure box (and the enemy) appears. You can get two or three “Crimson Keys”.

“Soul Flame Map” and “Head of Spriggan” is in this floor, where you can come up from 32F.


This floor is similar to 10F. Many traders, many missions. And also connected with many other floors.

ITEM: Green Lantern

You can get this item in exchange with “Green Scarab Oil” and “Lantern (#1 ~ #4)”.

This is an important item to make 34F visible. However, it’s just a lantern, it won’t brighten up the whole map.

ITEM: Izhaya’s Head

Item dropped by “IZHAYA”. Someone in the same floor needs this.

ITEM: Area Warp Pad

A golden warp pad. You can get this item in exchange with “Memento of Uruka”. Connects 38F and 40F.


One of the wanteds in 10F. Drops “Que’s Ear”.


Final boss in the arena. Attacks with several folding fans, and uses special move that swordmaster use.

The special move is especially powerful. If you have any puppets left, you can use it since it’s a final battle.

TIPS of Arena Battle
  • Four of “THE BOMBERS” are rather powerful. You’d better beat one or two of them before they gather.
  • Three of the “WILL O’ WISPS” are stronger than before. Walk speed of blue “WILL O’ WISP” is low, so defeat this enemy LAST to secure time for vitality recovery.
  • Walk speed of “BITES” are fast, and “DRAGOONS” have long range attacks. You’ll have less time to recover when confronting them. Think of using puppet if you suffer from them.
  • Bosses you’ve met in 30F’s have no change in their abilities. Try to recover vitality before the next boss appears.
    After the battle, you can sell all of the items gained from the treasure box to the man selling the ticket.


    The floor is separated into two parts: “central part” and “surrounded part”.

    Walk around the “surrounded part”, and you can get two or three “Crimson Keys”.

    In order to go to 40F, you’ll have to go to the “central part” from 34F.

    ITEM: Soul Flame

    Key item to clear the game. You’ll need six of them in total.

    ITEM: Memento of Uruka

    You can get this item by attacking the monument just below the treasure box of “Soul Flame”.
    Give this to the girl in 38F.


    Break down the monument in the center of the room, and the boss will appear.
    Attacks with the “remaining flame”, sprinkles the “moving flame”, and moves around while spinning its body.

    Especially, the “remaining flame” is powerful. On the other hand, the “moving flame” is harmless.

    So you’ll have to move around to avoid the “remaining flame”, ignore the “moving flame”, and chase the boss to attack.


    Six torches are in the center of the floor. Light up each torches with “Soul Flames”.

    There is a monkey in the left side, and trader (ghost?) selling “Warp Pad” on the right side.

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