Triglav Tips for FINAL BOSS BATTLE

Here is the characteristics of the FINAL BOSS in floor 49, and some tactical plans to defeat them.

Final Boss Characteristics

Each boss’s characteristics are shown below.


The last battle will start surrounded by 3 AVATARS, immediately after you pass through the blue warmhole.

They have two types of attacking:

  • Attacking by a light ball from a distance
  • Direct attack

When AVATAR is defeated, one of the FINAL BOSS (described below) will appear.

Their moving speed is slow enough to recover your vitality, but their vitality is scraped little by little, even if you don’t attack them, and the FINAL BOSS will appear sooner or later.


Giant monster with a characteristic similar to the daggermaster. Whirlwind attack during warps (similar to GOLRUG, 29F), and lightning attack at a specific interval.

It’ll be rather difficult to recover your vitality, but his offensive strength is not that high (yet you’ll have to be careful of the lightning).


Giant monster with a characteristic similar to the swordmaster. Attacking by two swords, special attack same as the swordmaster, and a quick approach similar to ASSASSIN.


Giant monster with a characteristic similar to the axemaster. Approaches to you by jumping if you try to keep distance from him. Attacking speed is not high, but the special attack is one of the most dangerous attacks in this game.


It will be very difficult to fight all 3 bosses at once. Attacking AVATARS (and the appearing bosses) one by one will be a good tactics.

Appearing boss will be random. If your strength is not good enough, it will be a rather difficult battle if A’NNAN appears first because his vitality is very high. Starting over the battle may be an alternative in this case.

If you succeed in defeating one of the FINAL BOSS in rather short time, you’ll have time to recover your vitality before attacking the 2nd AVATAR.

If the first BOSS is A’MMON, then either one can be the next opponent (since A’LEEM won’t chase you when fighting with A’NNAN).

But if the first BOSS is A’LEEM, then the second BOSS had better be A’MMON. If A’NNAN is the second, it’s pretty difficult to defeat A’NNAN before the third BOSS A’MMON appears, and you are going to be chased by 2 BOSSES at once.

Although A’NNAN approach towards you by jumping, there’ll be a bit of vitality-recovering time as long as the battle is one-on-one. Therefore, fighting A’NNAN lastly will be preferable (although it depends on your luck).

If you cannot fight against A’MMON even with the help of puppets, you’ll have to look over your equipments.


Status when I first defeated the final boss is shown below.
(I’m sorry, each items are in Japanese…)

Final Status

Your battle will be stable if your defense is nearly 60 (or more).

Since I spent all the boost-up items to defense, my swordmaster’s strength was very poor until I found Apocalypse by exchanging splendid sword.

Boost-up Items

There are 17 boost-up items in this game, which will enhance your character’s status. In many cases, you’ll have to choose one item out of four (Elixir, Gio’Gan, Nectar, and Hydrabrew).

If you are a beginner of this game, I prefer increasing “defense” first and “strength” second. High defense skill will stabilize your battle, and strength is needed to give good damage to the enemies.


If you are strong enough, with many good items equipped, it would be better to enhance your good points.

But otherwise, you’ll have to compensate your weakness by using puppets.

Since my swordmaster was “a man of defense”, I had to raise the striking power with “Puppet of Porevit”.

If you prepare 8 equipments and 1 lifeline puppet, you can select 3 extra items to help your battle. I chose 2 puppets and 1 greater potion (which you can trade with 3 potions in 20F).


If you are a beginner of this game, I prefer increasing “defense” first and “strength” next. High defense skill will stabilize your battle.

Life absorption is also useful. You can recover much (or all) of the damages if your defense is high enough.

Since equipments sold at shops are not good enough, you’ll have to look for some rare items and artifacts. Such items can be found in the following way.

  • Beat enemies in 30F-, 40F-, Grasslands, Nightdreamer, etc.
  • Give bananas to monkeys
  • Exchange Splendid items

Here are the equipments when I defeated the FINAL BOSS.

ArmorSpiked Armor of Rod(+26)
ShieldWavy Shield of Ruevit(+8)
Helm"UHU-UMA" Helm(+4)
GlovesGauntlets of Porevit(+2)
BootsGreaves of Zorya(+4)
Ring1Ring of Zhiva(+6)
Ring2"UMA-UMA" Ring(0)

Value of defense is shown in the parentheses.
(Some items’ names and abilities may change by updates.)

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