TRIGLAV – Introduction and Class Recommendation

This page is about the introduction and class recommendation of smartphone app “TRIGLAV”.

Introduction of TRIGLAV

This may be the game for “advanced RPG players”. Three reasons I thought so are mentioned below.

Gameover Penalties

If you are killed without “puppet” items, you won’t be able to bring back your character unless billing. Even if you have your “puppet” with you, you lose one of your “puppet” as well as some of the XPs (= experiences) and golds (= money) you already gained.

“Death cannot be recovered.” This way of thinking is similar to the game of “Wizardry”.

Restriction of Item Possession

You can carry 12 items in this game, but equipments are included in this. You are going to equip about eight items in this game, and shall have at least one “puppet” for death avoidance. You also may need to carry some items for events.
As a result, you almost have no room for extra item possessions.

You can use “Warehouse” in the game, which can store 15 items without billing. This is a bit inconvenient, since you need to store many items for events, and especially equipment syntheses.

Severe Traps

Gameover penalties are severe, but many of the traps are also severe. It is almost impossible for beginners to avoid all of the traps without dying.

You want to make sure what happens if you dive into the trap, don’t you?

So you need to prepare “puppets” in order to avoid “lost” by dying, but beginners may feel difficulties to prepare golds for “puppets”. In fact, I didn’t know how to sell items (to gain golds) at first.

Class Recommendation

In this game, you can select your character from three classes.

  • Daggermaster
  • Swordmaster
  • Axemaster

If you are playing the game for the first time, I’ll recommend to choose the Swordmaster.

Daggermaster may have difficulties in obtaining attack damages, and Axemaster may have weakness in group enemy battles.

These two classes may need to be well prepared to walkthrough the tower, compared to swordmaster.
(Just my opinion!)

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