TRIGLAV Walkthroughs 31F – 35F

Please note that this site will not provide you a “complete” walkthrough of TRIGLAV (smartphone app).

31F ~ 39F is like a one big floor as a whole.

All of the floor’s door can be opened by “Crimson Key”, and which door to open first is up to you.

Just in case you cannot find an extra key, there will be a man selling an extra key in 30F.


From this floor, you can access various floors. You’ll get one key in the center of the floor, but you may be puzzled which door to open first.

You may want to select 32F, but I recommend going to 38F first.

You can get two extra keys from treasure boxes without any risks because enemies don’t appear in 38F (except some particular areas). Also, 38F is similar to 10F, and you can buy some items and equipments there.

Tresure box surrounded by a fence can be taken after stepping on the floor switch in 33F. And if you get the boost up item nearby, enemies will show up from the next time you enter 31F.


There is a path blocked by electricity. Poster near the electric path suggests us to go through the electricity using puppets. Here, let’s use two “Goblin’s Teeth” at the same time to increase vitality and walk speed.

You can get “Goblin’s Teeth” on 3F, which is a reward of “Goblin Ale”. “Goblin Ale” is in the treasure box of hidden room on 4F.

Switch the lever beyond the electric path, and this electricity will disappear. One of “THE HARVESTER” is around here, which drops a “Crimson Key”.

ITEM: Green Scarab Oil

You can get this item in exchange with “Green Scarab”. This is needed to get “Green Lantern” in 38F.


Appears in three different places in the floor. Some of them (perhaps all of them) drops the “Crimson Key” for the first time.

If you escape far away from them, they give up chasing. They are recovering their vitality when you are away.


Same electric trap, same strategy to go through, as in 32F. Step on the floor switch beyond the path, and you can get the central treasure box in 31F.

You’ll need the “Yellow Scarab” and the “Blue Scarab” to get “Green Scarab” here. “Yellow Scarab” is in 9F, and “Blue Scarab” is in 14F.

ITEM:Green Scarab

You can get this item in exchange with “Yellow Scarab” and “Blue Scarab”. This item is needed to get “Green Scarab Oil” in 32F.


It appears when you take the treasure box (“Crimson Key”) in the central part of the floor. It has both short range and long range attacks, and especially short range attack by sickle is powerful.

Many enemies in this floor have some kind of long range attack. You may be attacked from somewhere out of the screen, so beat them before the boss battle.


Floor of darkness. You’d better bring “Green Lantern” with you in this floor.

Explanation of “Green Lantern” is in TRIGLAV Walkthrough 36F – 40F.

Total of 7 push buttons are in the floor, each of them corresponding to the appearance of floor tile.

Here’s a simple drawing of this floor. Same alphabet of push button (yellow circles) and emerging floor tile (orange squares) corresponds to each other.

Drawing of 34F

There is a man selling “Warp Pad” near the stairs to 32F. You’ll be using this item in many places, so I prefer opening this door as soon as possible.

If you are only going up the tower, use this floor’s stairs to 39F, and you’ll be able to reach 40F.


There was a ring synthesizer in 15F, but the man here synthesizes the helm base and the ring synthesized previously.

Helm base can be bought in grasslands, is in treasure box in 34F, and sometimes enemies drop them.


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