TRIGLAV Walkthroughs 41F – 45F


Almost all the floor traps you’ve seen in this game before is in this floor.

If you are critically damaged by “LIZARD MAN” or “ARMAEATER”, you’d better check your equipment.

From this floor, there is no key for the next floor. Instead, there is a push button to open the stair’s door.

In this floor, you have to push two push buttons for two stairs. One of them is beyond the iron bars, which you have to remove by switching the blue lever.

You should be very very careful when using one of the stairs which seems dangerous. If you use the “Warp Pad” in 42F near the stairs, you’ll be transferred to “Across the Mirror”. Just get the “Soul Flame” in the treasure box near the warp pad, and turn back to go to another stairs.

It is not necessary to clear “Across the Mirror”.

ITEM: Soul Flame

It’s in the treasure box, near the stairs to 40F.


There is a (golden) warp pad that leads to 41F. Switch the lever in 41F, and all the traps in 41F will be inactivated.

No boss in this floor, just push the yellow button and go to the next floor.

Refer to: TRIGLAV Walkthroughs “Across the Mirror”

ITEM: Soul Flame

It is in the room with the warp pad that leads to “Across the Mirror”.


In addition to “ARMAEATER”, “GARGOYLE” (approach by flying) and “CARRION VINE” (continuous attack by the vine) will be troublesome. The boss “TARKUS” also approaches suddenly and attacks with the missile, so you don’t have much time to relax in this floor.

No traps or gimmicks in this floor. Just two push buttons to open the door to the next floor.


Attacks by missile while moving rapidly (sometimes slowly) along the rail.

Missiles are not so harmful. You’d rather have to watch out for the other enemies’ attacks.

In northern and southern part of this floor, there is a place to set “Tarkus Destroyer”, which enemies in 41F ~ rarely drops.
By setting one “Tarkus Destroyer”, one of the “TARKUS” will not appear. Set two of them, and “TARKUS” will never appear.


You’ll need a red “Warp Pad” in order to get the “Soul Flame” in this floor.

The push button for opening the door is in the innermost part of the boss’s room.

ITEM: Soul Flame


When “THE FIERY” is defeated, “LAVA GOLEM” appears, and when “LAVA GOLEM” is defeated, it will divide into two of the “LAVA SPORNS”.

You don’t have to fight in the room, just get away and recover your vitality when needed.


Junction floor. There is a monkey, and a trader who sells fairly good equipments.


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