TRIGLAV Walkthroughs 46F – 50F


Be careful of the “FATMAN LORD” from this floor. Their attacks are powerful and keeps on chasing you, sometimes by jumping from a distance, so it may be difficult to recover your vitality.

Also, two types of attack by “WARLOCK” is dangerous. One of them gives you continuous damage, and you’ll have almost no chance to recover unless getting away from them.

In this floor, you’ll have to make the bridge appear by switching some levers. Switch levers will be set randomly from two or four places.

ITEM: Soul Flame

It’s in the most southern part of this floor.


The boss will appear by lighting up the button as shown in the poster.

Several “SCOURGES” will appear at regular time intervals, but will stop after about four times of summoning. Wait until the summoning ends, and then daggermaster or swordmaster can damage them efficiently by their special moves. Using “Simargl Puppet” before special moves will be very effective in this battle.


Many warp pads are installed in this floor, but you won’t lose your way since there is almost no branching point.

You’ll need three heads of the bosses you’ve defeated before.

  • Tyrant’s Head
  • Izhaya’s Head
  • Uruluk’s Head

Translucent boss will be activated by bringing the head near the boss. Be careful since all bosses are stronger than before.

Once the battle starts, you can’t get out of the room until you defeat the boss.

It’ll be safer to bring the “Head”, “Puppet”, and “Recovery Item” with you for each battle.

You can meet the “Blue Inferno” selling the “Soul Flame” for people who couldn’t find all six of them in the tower.

There is two places to install “Push Button”. Beyond those warp pads is another warp pad, which you need to place four of the “FRAGMENT OF SYEN” to activate. And beyond that, battle with “SYEN” will be awaiting you.




Their specifics are already shown in this site. Please refer to that.

Reference: TRIGLAV Walkthroughs 36F – 40F


He seemed to be just one mad scientist, but you’ll be easily defeated if your equipment is not good.

Is the “Syen Equipments” made by him? (all the equipments’ qualities are awful…)

Reference: TRIGLAV Boss Battles (coming soon)


No enemies appear. It seems that the final battle is near.

Four posters are posted along the way.

The last one is especially important. A man is dedicating an item to the central part of a particular place. You should have seen a similar item posted in 40F…


The final “Floor Enemy Battle” before the final boss battle.

Once you get into the hall, red electricity appears, and you’ll be unable to go back until you defeat all the enemies in the floor.
(You cannot pass through the electricity)

Red Electricity
Be careful not to touch this electricity during the battle.

Many enemies are going to appear in this floor. If you walk around the floor, you’ll have to fight against all those enemies (including “FATMAN LORD”) at once.

It will be wiser to move little by little, and to fight with the appearing enemies one at a time. You’d better set aside the puppets for the boss battle.

If you find “HELL DIVER”, beat this enemy first, since it recovers other enemies’ vitality. But watch out, its attacking power and speed is rather high.

After defeating all enemies on the floor, you can now use the warp zone by dedicating “Soul Essence” to the central part of the hall. Final battle begins by going through this warp zone.

If you came here for the first time, you’d rather turn back and buy an extra puppet (where you were carrying “Soul Essence” before). You’ll have to fight again with the floor enemies, but it’ll be better if you have more puppets for the final battle.

Walkthroughs for final battle will be on another page.

Reference: TRIGLAV Final Battle


Nothing particular happens. The delighted princess will follow you around in this floor.

The man on the broom is selling one of the most superior equipments. He even sells “Lunatic Ticket” and “Fragment of Syen” (with a certain probability).

You can warp to any of the junctions from here, but it’ll be one-way except 10F and 45F. Also, you cannot go back to 49F from here.


Appears when you dedicate the “Master Puppet” to the altar.

ITEM:Watcher’s Qi

Dropped by “THE WATCHER”. Use it and you’ll gain 5000XP.

ITEM: Triglav Master Trophy

Treasure box appears when you defeat “THE WATCHER”.

ITEM: Short Tale of a Great Magus

Treasure box appears when you defeat “THE WATCHER”.


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